Is Equity Release right for you?

Equity release provides you with means to live the life you want to,
we will explore those below.

How to know if it's right for you...

If you are considering whether equity release is right for you, please bear in mind that you will need to meet the following criteria: –

You can apply for equity release if you have an outstanding mortgage or secured loan on your property, depending on the amount left to pay. You will be required to repay this outstanding debt at the same time or prior to taking equity release.

According to some recent research, the following are the 3 most popular reasons why people raised funds from an equity release plan.

Maximising retirement income

People use equity release to maximise their retirement income by paying off existing mortgages, and secured loans on their property or clearing unsecured debts.

Provide a gift for loved ones

To see them enjoy part of their inheritance now.

Other reasons why people release equity from their property include funding new travel experiences, planning their dream holiday and buying a new car.

Raise money for home improvements

Equity release is often used to adapt, improve and maintain a client’s property or indeed upgrade their garden to make their home more comfortable.

A lesser-known use of equity release is that you can raise monies to purchase your next property.

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Our Gold Standard Equity Release advice process


Fact find meeting

Equity release is a regulated product, and we are required to undertake a fact-find to ensure that you qualify for equity release and determine if a plan provides you with the right solution to meet your needs and circumstances. A fact-find is basically an exchange of information.


Whole of market research

Having completed a fact-find we can then undertake whole-of-market research, to determine which provider can offer you the most suitable plan to meet your individual circumstances and provide you with the best possible outcome.


Advice presentation meeting

Having completed our research and issued you with our recommendation pack, we will then undertake our advice presentation meeting. During this meeting we will talk you through the recommendation, explain why we believe the recommendation is right for you, confirm your understanding and answer any further questions that you may have.


Annual review

We will review your plan annually to ensure that it is still providing you with the best possible outcome, or sooner if your circumstances have changed and you require any further advice.

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