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Learn how Sterling Equity Release can help your release money from your home, and why we might be your best option to do so.

We are specialists in Equity Release

Sterling Equity Release is proud to be a specialist advisory service with in-depth knowledge, and experience of providing the highest level of customer service, and gold standard equity release advice to a broad spectrum of clients. Ranging from people with high levels of wealth, to those less fortunate because we believe in treating every client, the way that we would like to be treated ourselves.

We understand that considering equity release is a big decision therefore, it is important that you get specialist advice as there are hundreds of different plans, each with their own specific criteria and individual features and benefits. With your adviser, Mark Jackson, having over 10 years experience advising on Equity Release, he is an enviable position to share a great deal of knowledge around the subject to help you make an informed decision

And being part of a large advisory group we have access to exclusive plans, preferential interest rates, and an administrative team to ensure that your plan completes within the best possible timescale.

Mark Jackson has 10+ years of experience, and is more than qualified to assist you.

What makes Sterling Equity Release different?

Our knowledge of the Equity Release Industry

Being part of a large equity release advisory group we have extensive knowledge of the marketplace, lenders criteria and advanced sourcing technology to enable us to tailor a plan that provides you with the best outcome based on your circumstances, preferences, and priorities

Our expertise 

Equity Release is a big-decision – Your adviser, Mark Jackson, has been advising on equity release for over 10 years, helping customers decide if equity release is right for them and this is a major part of what we do.

This ensures that our clients have the peace of mind that they have all the facts (the upside and the downside of equity release) and have explored all the alternative options that may be available to help them make an informed decision. As one size certainly doesn’t fit-all and everyone’s circumstances are different.

We have a full transparent approach to Equity Release

We are fully transparent and record all our conversations to ensure that you are fully protected as part of the advisory process we undertake either over the phone, online or face-to-face. We will confirm any set-up fees involved to put an equity release plan in place, which forms part of our market leading recommendation reports. 

Proven track record of great customer service

Mark Jackson, having advised on equity release for many years, has earned a great reputation for delivering great customer service.

We don’t treat equity release as a one-off transaction but commit to our clients for the long-term. Ensuring that their plan is still providing them with the best outcome and if not advising them of alternative options that could help them save many thousands of pounds over the estimated lifetime of the plan if the interest rate was more favourable or if it was beneficial in other ways due to recent lender innovations. This is our commitment of being with you every step of the way and ensures you have long-term peace of mind.

Who will be helping you?

Mark Jackson

My name is Mark, and I’m a fully qualified equity release adviser, with over 10 years’ experience in the Financial Services Sector. As the founder of Sterling Equity Release, my mission is to provide clear, straightforward advice to my clients to establish whether equity release is right for them.

During that time, I have developed a high level of expertise from specialising in equity release which has enabled me to help my clients achieve a more fulfilling retirement.

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